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D&D vintage flywheel Empty D&D vintage flywheel

Post by keithg on Mon Aug 13, 2018 12:06 pm

I have a D&D flywheel form the late 70s. It is drilled for both the 10.5" OEM 'ford long' style PP as well as a 10.5" GM diaphragm style PP (Sachs 1675-10). It is 0.040 shorter than as delivered as it was pretty deeply grooved and resurfaced. It is already surfaced, but needs to be balanced. I had it in the car, but it had a slight vibration that I was uncomfortable with. I replaced it with a new D&D as I did not want to try to find a place to balance it and I needed to get the project 'done'. A new D&D flywheel is 350.00. It is ~20lb, and ~12x12x2" box would ship it. Best Offer.


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