Clutch Z Bar repair?

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Clutch Z Bar repair? Empty Clutch Z Bar repair?

Post by keithg on Sat Jun 23, 2018 6:47 pm


Been a while. Still making incremental repairs/improvements on the 62. This car is an original 4 sp car. I just put in a Sachs 1625-10 clutch kit. Went from a McLeod 'ford style long' street/strip clutch to a 'stock' gm 10.5" diaphragm style it will be so much easier to drive. Anyway, I got it all in and was ready to adjust the clutch and noticed that the inboard Z bar pivot had a ton of play. About 1/8" So I wanted to tighten everything up. Everything is sloppy. I think I can get a Z bar rebuild kit which has the ball style pivots from a lot of different places. Can anyone confirm that this is the same as a Chevy of similar vintage?
Outboard Rebuild Kit
This is the one which may be different:
Inboard Pivot
It looks the same as far as dimension, but I do not know about the threads. The one out of the car looks like a 1/2-13.

This is the 'easy part'. The hard part is the inside of the tube is worn away just under 1/8"! Has anyone seen a NOS of this or know what the GM number is? What about a used one which is not as worn as mine. It is pretty well shot. Anyone have one to sell? All the clevice holes are worn heavily. I need new pins. If I cannot find a good used or NOS, I may have to make one. In the meantime, I do not know what I'll do. Maybe put it back but round up the clevice points and put in some small delrin top hats at the clevice points. All ideas welcome.

I just made a simple drawing of it. Not too difficult to make. I need to find someone tt weld it.



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