1963 buick special -no compresssion

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1963 buick special -no compresssion Empty 1963 buick special -no compresssion

Post by rapdiver@comcast.net on Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:27 pm

I bought a 1963 buick special convertible (198 cu. in engine ) a couple of months ago.I drove the car about 8 times.It ran great.A couple of weeks ago I tried starting it and gas poured out of carburetor. I took it to my mechanic. He rebuilt carburetor 3 times and it still pours gas out of it.Checked compression of cylinders and all of them are showing 0-20 psi. Mechanic found a little bit of gas mixed in oil pan.
Mechanic thought it may have had gas wash on cylinders/rings.He sprayed oil into all cylinders and let sit overnight.Checked cylinders and still have no compression.Any ideas?


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1963 buick special -no compresssion Empty Re: 1963 buick special -no compresssion

Post by 62cutlassconvert on Thu Oct 05, 2017 11:49 am

It was running good, then won't start, has gas in the oil and zero compression, sounds like you had a catastrophic failure of the head gasket and the carb is flooding the cylinders with gas, maybe. Interesting they are all 0-20psi. Don't know that engine but I would imagine it will run on pretty low compression even with a cylinder or two dead, so maybe it was just the "last straw"

Lot's of diagnostic checks your mechanic can do to determine why the compression went away or is just plain low-Leakdown test may tell you the most, test of coolant for CO is another.

Carb-"gas pours out of it"-You mean all over the manifold or pours into the engine? If you mean manifold, sounds like your float is stuck and gas is leaking out the gaskets and it's also flooding the engine. Have you had someone crank the engine while you see where the gas is coming from? 3 rebuilds on the carb and still bad sounds like that old carpenter's expression-" I cut it 3 times and it's still too short". Maybe someone else should look at the carb.

Stock fuel pump?

Good luck, probably a cheap eng to rebuild if you need to. Other's here must be experienced with the eng.


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