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Aftermarket Clutches

Post by keithg on Sun Aug 27, 2017 5:08 pm

The original clutch and flywheel in my 62 was raised rim style flywheel with a 9.5" long style clutch. At some point, Dad put a 10.5" Ford long style in it. This with a new flat flywheel that I think came from D&D. He got it sometime in the 70s. so it is a long time ago and there are no receipts for it that I can find to confirm the source of the flywheel but I do have the receipts for the PP and clutch. The throwout bearing (flat style) is a BCA 1625-12.

I got under it yesterday and measured what I have. The Pressure plate is a McLeod (pronounced 'mc loud', apparently and identical to Weber clutch cover as well according to D&D) model 360400 it has 3 legs with holes at 3 1/8" spacing on each leg (std ford 10 1/2"). These holes appear to be on a 11 1/2 BCD. The flywheel is also drilled for a 6 evenly spaced holes on (best I can measure it on the car) 11 5/8" BCD. Can anyone here confirm the BCD for a standard chevy 10.5 diaphragm clutch? Is it 6 on 11 5/8"? Is anyone here running a D&D flywheel? What clutch are you ruinning?



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