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LED Tail lights Empty LED Tail lights

Post by keithg on Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:14 pm

So, I tried a set of Philips tail lights for the '62. Replacements for the 1157s. I tried to twist the one in and ripped off the little nubs... The heat sink on the bulb will not allow it to depress into the socket to lock in place. I did not catch this until I tried to twist it. Just wasted half a set at 35.00! What LED bulbs have you used and are they actually any brighter? Did you use red or white? Would you get another set. Bruce on the Yahoo forum swears by the superbright LEDs. They do not have stock of the extra bright (45 element) 1157 replacement and the regular one in red does not get good reviews "no brighter than original".

The posts say to use red in tail light locations and the red lens will filter out quite a bit of the lumens, regardless. My gut says a post style with leds on the sides and on the end would be best and the more lumens the better. From this site Bulb Comparison it looks like the 1157 has 38/402 lumens. The 27 SMD Superbright LED has 18/45 which does not seem to be an improvement. The white is 80/290, still not an improvement, IMO. The Philips I got does not say how many lumens. This Post is saying that the 400 lumen 1157 is approximately equal to the 220 Lumen red LED bulb, so no big improvement unless you are greater than 220...




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