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Vintage Audio

Post by 62cutlassconvert on Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:47 am

I into old cars and old audio and Bill mentioned maybe a little old audio discussion would be interesting. Here's a couple of topics to throw out there.

I'll be having my original Cutlass AM radio converted over to AM/FM, with a sub out cable, and aux input with a Aurora dealer- They will also do a conversion to full Bluetooth and MP3 device control if you want to go that far. They are really nice to discuss the conversion with and seem to have good speakers for a variety of cars-original or conversions. Great way to have the original radio in your dash with modern performance. If you are not familiar with the conversion check the website. Aurora also has a website but they do not sell direct. Anyone else done this and what do you think?

On the other hand I belong to the web site which is all about home vintage systems-a fantastic source of information about your old audio and LOTS of how to advice for repair and maintenance, early Tube stuff on up.

Hey Bill, you mentioned Sansui speakers, just picked up some SP-1500s at a garage sale. What do you have?


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Re: Vintage Audio

Post by Bill on Fri Jul 08, 2016 2:56 am

I will have to check - they are in my garage. A quick google search says SP-200s, but you know how they have many models that look the same. I have a sansui 5000a driving them in the garage. I use a Sony STR 5050 for my house, and drive modern-ish Klipsch SP1s (1998). The sansui speakers have the sweet wood lattice fronts to them. I was dumping a couple of TVs in the electronic recycling center at my town, and they had just been dropped off - in PERFECT shape. My wife was mad - came back with more than I dropped off. Worth it.

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