EFI V6 front cover to 215

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EFI V6 front cover to 215 Empty EFI V6 front cover to 215

Post by keithg on Fri Apr 22, 2016 10:27 am

I read something about this years ago that the front cover from an EFI v6 (3800?) will bolt on our old 215s. I am pretty sure this has a modern georotor oil pump, no distributor provision and crank position sensing. Does anyone here know if that is the case and which ones? (LG3, L27?) There are FWD and RWD oil pump casting and location. The water pump I/O is definitely oriented for a cross flow radiator. I have machine shop capability if it is a moderate modification to install. At the same time, I'd have to install a cross flow radiator.

Where I am going with this is EFI. First stop is ignition. You cannot trigger decent v8 injection from the distributor, IMO. I want to put a 36-1 trigger on the front pulley so I can use Ford EDIS ignition (I have the modules, sensors, coils and wires). I can use Megasquirt as ignition controller to start then add EFI later. With this as a start, I can start building the ole MG intake manifold I have in the basement to accept modern injectors and then convert to port injection.



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